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Hey Everyone!

I'm Susan Morris...

head cheerleader over here at SHE IS!
I'm a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend.
I laugh too loud.
I love meaningful conversations.
my love for Mexican food and coffee is concerning to some.
I love people.
my eyes squint when I smile.
I'm passionate about women being exactly who they were created to be.
and I'm hoping we can be friends.
xo Susan
there is something in each one of us that longs to be validated...
to be seen.
we are wired for relationships
 and at a young age we start looking for connection.
searching for our people...
 our tribe...
we hope that SHE IS can be one of those spaces.
you are welcome here.
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Can't wait to see YOU!
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SHE IS Network is a Collaborative membership community crafted around stories and sisterhood speaking to the core of who we are as women - with the understanding that the expression of that will look different for all of us.

1. the relationship between sisters.

2. an association, society, or community of women linked by a 
common interest, religion, or trade.

I grew up in a house full of sisters. We were sisters on the good days and we were sisters on the bad days. Our hearts and lives are forever bound together by this sacred bond of sisterhood we share. Distance can't separate us and neither can our differences. We love and show up for each other in spite of either...
The same is true for all of us. We are all daughters that before we ever lived a day on this earth were a thought and idea in the heart of God. Which that fact makes us sisters...
So make yourself at home sister. Say what's on your heart. Ask the questions you are scared to ask. We are choosing to love and show up for each other... period. 

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