there is something in each one of us that longs to be validated...
to be seen.
we are wired for relationships
 and at a young age we start looking for connection.
searching for our people...
 our tribe...
we hope that SHE IS can be one of those spaces.
you are welcome here.
Hey everyone!  I'm Susan Morris and almost 20 years ago I started dreaming of a space that spoke to me as a woman.
 A space that fed my soul and my body as well as my spirit.
My life felt so fragmented because I found and received "truth" for each of those areas in separate places.
Problem with that was I didn't move in and out of those areas in my everyday life. I was always a spiritual being, whether I was at church or sitting behind a desk at work. My soul (mind, will, emotions) had the same needs regardless of my physical context.
 And yeah, my body was pretty much with me at all times...

Even though I hated these separations in my life, I had grown accustomed to their boundaries and they made me feel safe. I loved the quote "Think outside the Box" and that's actually where I lived. I had no problem thinking outside these different boxes, but living outside these boxes was a different story.
I wasted too many years trying to fit in boxes that
I was never created to fit in,
 and I'm crazy enough to believe
 that I'm not the only one...
xo Susan
SHE IS Network is a Collaborative membership community crafted around stories and sisterhood speaking to the core of who we are as women - with the understanding that the expression of that will look different for all of us.

1. the relationship between sisters.

2. an association, society, or community of women linked by a 
common interest, religion, or trade.

I grew up in a house full of sisters. We were sisters on the good days and we were sisters on the bad days. Our hearts and lives are forever bound together by this sacred bond of sisterhood we share. Distance can't separate us and neither can our differences. We love and show up for each other in spite of either...
The same is true for all of us. We are all daughters that before we ever lived a day on this earth were a thought and idea in the heart of God. Which that fact makes us sisters...
So make yourself at home sister. Say what's on your heart. Ask the questions you are scared to ask. We are choosing to love and show up for each other... period. 

Every month we add videos, discussion starters, studies, Vlogs and more. We also have a Private Facebook Group where we are able to connect, share and discuss our content together.

 The images and brief description below will give you some idea of what our members area is all about.  

You can sign up to become a member now and get your first 7 days free so you can see if the SHE IS Network is for you. 

We are spiritual beings designed by a God who is Spirit and wants to connect with us on a deep level.  Each month with provide content that encourages and explores that space.
Our mind, will and emotions are constantly bombarded by the issues of life around us.  Each month we provide a thought that centers around growing and developing our awareness and then encourage discussion within our private group.
Each month Erica Morris provides a video that helps get us moving.  She offers exercises that can be used by the most advanced or for those just starting.  The videos are designed to be examples of what you can do on your own.
We believe each of us have a story and that each story is worth telling.  The stories of different women are shared each month in the membership area as well as through conversations on our private page to encourage each of us to continue fighting for the life we desire.
We believe that writing down our thoughts is very helpful in  processing life.  Each month we provide an art journaling video which we hope provides inspiration for you to get started or keep going on your writing journey.
Each month Dana (The Dishy Decorator) provides a delicious recipe for you to try.
The recipe comes with details for ingredients and directions that she has perfected as well as images to see the finished work.
Coffee Convos is like a much needed afternoon coffee break with your girlfriends. Unless of course  you don't like coffee and  in that case just join us with your preferred drink.  Each month we have conversation around a particular thought in our Private Facebook Group.
Our Private Facebook Group is a place we meet up to have conversations, meet new members, send out new information, encourage, strengthen and pray for one another.
This online space has been created just for you!

We would love for you to join in the conversation and be part of the SHE IS Network community.  

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